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Neoregelia Species Names A - M

Neoregelia abendrothae
Neoregelia aculeatosepala
Neoregelia albiflora
Neoregelia alvimii
Neoregelia alvimii var. donatoi
Neoregelia amandae
Neoregelia ampullacea
Neoregelia angustibracteolata
Neoregelia angustifolia
Neoregelia atroviridifolia
Neoregelia azevedoi Leme
Neoregelia bahiana
Neoregelia bahiana forma viridis
Neoregelia binotii
Neoregelia bragarum
Neoregelia brevifolia
Neoregelia brigadeirensis
Neoregelia brownii
Neoregelia burle-marxii
Neoregelia burle-marxii
Neoregelia camorimiana
Neoregelia capixaba
Neoregelia carcharodon
Neoregelia carcharodon var. atroviolacea Reitz
Neoregelia carinata Leme
Neoregelia carolinae
Neoregelia carolinae forma tricolor
Neoregelia cathcartii
Neoregelia chlorosticta
Neoregelia coimbrae
Neoregelia compacta
Neoregelia concentrica
Neoregelia coriacea
Neoregelia correia-araujoi
Neoregelia crispata Leme
Neoregelia cruenta
Neoregelia cyanea
Neoregelia diamantinensis Pereira
Neoregelia diversifolia E.Pereira
Neoregelia doeringiana
Neoregelia dungsiana
Neoregelia eleutheropetala
Neoregelia eleutheropetala var. bicolor
Neoregelia elmoreana
Neoregelia eltoniana
Neoregelia farinosa
Neoregelia fluminensis
Neoregelia fosteriana
Neoregelia gavionensis
Neoregelia gigas
Neoregelia guttata
Neoregelia hatschbachii
Neoregelia hoehneana
Neoregelia ibitipocensis
Neoregelia indecora
Neoregelia inexspectata
Neoregelia johannis
Neoregelia johnsoniae
Neoregelia kautskyi
Neoregelia kerryi
Neoregelia kuhlmannii
Neoregelia lactea
Neoregelia laevis
Neoregelia leprosa
Neoregelia leucophoea
Neoregelia leviana
Neoregelia lilliputiana
Neoregelia lillyae
Neoregelia lillyae var. acuminata
Neoregelia longipedicellata
Neoregelia longisepala
Neoregelia lymaniana
Neoregelia macahensis
Neoregelia macrosepala
Neoregelia maculata
Neoregelia macwilliamsii
Neoregelia magdalenae
Neoregelia magdalenae
Neoregelia marceloi
Neoregelia margaretae
Neoregelia marmorata
Neoregelia martinellii
Neoregelia meeana
Neoregelia melanodonta
Neoregelia menescalii
Neoregelia mooreana
Neoregelia mucugensis
Neoregelia myrmecophila

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